Taking Deposits on Kittens!

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We are located near Pittsburgh,PA. We are within driving distance from New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington D.C. and Ohio.  Please contact us at [email protected]


WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING DEPOSITS FOR KITTENS! Please read our **Information On Purchasing** page prior to contacting us.  If you're interested in a kitten, a non refundable (no exceptions!) deposit of $250 is required to be placed on our waiting list.   Please email us with any questions at [email protected]

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All of our cats are DNA tested HCM negative either through parentage or through UC Davis.

A beautiful blue colorpoint boy...


Our own home grown baby ThreeRiverRags Domino

One of our previous kittens....a beautiful blue mitted lynx

One of our previous kittens....a beautiful seal mink baby

One of our previous kittens...a blue lynx bicolor, pictured below. Not for sale.

A seal mitted and blue mitted brother and sister.  Not for sale